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Hammer-drills with SDS-plus-shank for easy drilling work with hammers in the 2 – 4 kg class.
Hammer-drills with SDS-top-holder for medium drilling work with hammers in the new 5 kg class.
Hammer-drills SDS-max for particularly heavy duty work for large hammers in the 10 kg class.
Hammer-drill bits SDS-top from 18 mm and more as well as hammer-drills SDS-max from 16 mm and more are delivered with 4 cutting edges. The tipconstruction gives accurate drill guidance and protects the drill bit against damage when impact on reinforced steel.
Our standard masonry drills include nickel-plated masonry drills, black finish masonry drills, super masonry drills etc.
Core drills include heavy duty and light duty styles, we also supply adapters M 16 and M 22.
Glass drills are nickel plated and suitable for glass and tiles.

Safety advice:
Always wear safety-goggles and noise-protection

Masonary drills

Diamond sintered glass drills with thread shank

Diamond sintered glass drills with thread shank


Diamond sintered glass drills with 1/2" thread shank or round shank

5 22 39 56 73 90
6 23 40 57 74 91
7 24 41 58 75 92
8 25 42 59 76 93
9 26 43 60 77 94
10 27 44 61 78 95
11 28 45 62 79 96
12 29 46 63 80 97
13 30 47 64 81 98
14 31 48 65 82 99
15 32 49 66 83 100
16 33 50 67 84  
17 34 51 68 85  
18 35 52 69 86  
19 36 53 70 87  
20 37 54 71 88  
21 38 55 72 89  


Scriber with Brazed Carbide Tip

Scriber with Brazed Carbide Tip, with clip 140 mm or 150 mm length

Pilot-drills for Gollow Core Drills Heavy Duty

Pilot-drills for Gollow Core Drills Heavy Duty



Arbors without Pilot-drill, for Hollow Core Drills Heavy Duty

Hollow Core Drills

Hollow Core Drills, Heavy Duty carbide tipped, with internal M22 thread, taper 1/8
Applications: for used with heavy duty hammer machines
all kinds of extension rod and accessories are available

Hollow Core Drills

Hollow Core Drills, Light Type
carbide tipped, with internal M16 or M22 thread
Applications:ideal used for drilling large holes on masonry, stone, brick etc.

Glass drills with round shank

Glass drills with round shank and 1/4" bit shank
YG8 for carbide and 40Cr for body
Applications:ideal used for drilling glass, tiles etc

SDS Chisels for Masonry work

 SDS Chisels for Masonry work

Applications:Ideal used for demolition, breakthrough work, chiselling, channelling on
most masonry materials.

Applications: Ideal used for demolition, breakthrough work, chiselling, channelling on most
masonry materials.
mm mm mm  
14 250   point
14 250 20 flat
14 250 40 spade
14 250 50 spade
17 280   point
17 280 22 flat
17 280 40 spade



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