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Roll Forged HSS-drills have a high elasticity due to their production method. They have a big and robust core thickness and are the conventional tool for professional drilling under normal conditions.Fully ground HSS-Drills are made of hardened solid material. The reinforced core-section gives a better fracture-stability and enables professional drilling under narrow tolerances and longer life-time of tool. Fully ground drills should be used wherever roll-forged drills have reached their limit of performance. All fully ground drills are produced with "Split Point”. The main advantages are: Direct drilling without prior centering, safe pilot hole drilling even on round or slanting surfaces, less feeding power, increase of drilling progress, better chip removal, no jamming of the main cutting-edge. Do not overheat metal drill-bits. This can only be avoided by usage special cutting coolants (high-alloyed and heat-resistant materials) or cooling emulsion (normal steel). Brass, cast iron and most plastics can be drilled without coolants. A correct tip grind is absolutely necessary for economical drilling. We can only recommend regrinding by machine, because regrinding by hand is too imprecise and results in too early wear of tool.

Safety advice:
Always wear safety-goggles and noise-protection.

Twist drills

Solid Carbide Drills DIN338


Solid Carbide Drills DIN338
made of K10 or K20, hardness up to HRC 90 degree,
fully ground
Applications: Ideal used for drilling very hard materials, stainless steel,
tempered steel, alloyed steel etc.

HSS-G Twist Drills Fully Ground DIN338

Fully ground, bright finish, with split point

HSS twist drills with hex shank

HSS twist drills with hex shank, out of one piece

Size Total Length Flute Length
mm mm mm
2.00 49 14
3.00 61 26
4.00 75 40
5.00 86 51
6.00 93 57
7.00 109 69

8.00 117 75
9.00 125 81
10.00 133 87
11.00 133 87
12.00 151 101
13.00 151 101

HSS Twist Drills with Reduced Shank DIN338

Milled flute, bright finish, with split point

HSS twist drill with Welding hex shank

HSS twist drill with Welding hex shank

Size Total Length Flute Length
mm mm mm
1.50 68 18
2.00 77 24
2.50 85 30
3.00 89 33
3.20 93 36
3.50 98 39
4.00 103 43
4.50 108 47
4.80 114 52
5.00 114 52

5.50 120 57
6.00 120 57
6.50 129 63
7.00 129 69
8.00 129 75
9.00 129 81
10.00 133 87
11.00 142 94
12.00 151 101
13.00 151 101

Fully Ground Twist Drills TiN-coated DIN338

fully ground, TiN coating, with split point

HSS cobalt twist drill


HSS-E Cobalt Drills M35 (Cobalt 5%),
amber finish, split point 1350

HSS Cobalt twist drill


Material: M42 (Cobalt 8%)

DIN 338 amber finish, split point 135£¬amber finish, split point 1350


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