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Shanghai Greatcutting Tools was established in year 2005. It is an export department of Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery  Co.,Ltd.
We are professional supplier of precised cutting tools. We are specialized in high quality metal and masonry cutting tools, providing designing and developping job for our customers, and producing special tools according to customers' drawings or samples!
We can also develop tools sets and specail packing according to customers' special requirement!
We can supply cutting tools with different surface coating, including sandblasting, TiN coating, TiALN coating etc.
Prompt delivery, consistently high level of quality, excellent price – these are our strengths. We are looking forward to promote our business as well as friendship!


New Products

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Factory add: No. 258, Yihua Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China 201201
Tel: 0086-21-60542168/0086-13818080320